Q?Quiz League – What Are The Scores On The Doors?

The current quiz league is as follows:

Position Team Name Points
1 Les Quizerables 9
2 Whiskeypedia 5
3 Foreign Aliens 3
4 Cheapskates 3
5 The Losers 3
6 We can’t drink 3
7 Oscars Trigger Finger 2
8 The Stacies 2
9 Pissed Idiots 1
10 Cupid Stunts 1
11 5pods and a Backpacker 1
12 ?? 0
Q?Do I need to make a reservation for the Quiz Nights?

Our pub quiz nights are very popular and reservations are highly recommended. Browse our website and find the day/venue that you wish to attend and the contact details will be on that page.

Q?Is there a prize to be won at each Pub Quiz?

Each venue may have different prizes up for grabs but ultimately you win the bragging rights at any quiz if you emerge victorious.