Welcome to the 1st blog of the Singapore Quizmaster following the thoughts and misadventures of Singapore’s only full time Quizmaster. It’s been a good week here in the red-dot nation, 3 quizzes hosted this week, more venues’s signed up and deal to role-play the persona of Arthur Guinness, but more of that weirdness later.

The week started well with a long cycle ride, as after much, shall we say encouragement (?!) from Mrs Quizmaster it has been decreed the world needs to see less of me.

These noble intentions were however slightly undermined by the bottles of Chateaux Singapore river quaffed Monday night with friends. This led to this disappointing, if predictable effect that Tuesday’s cycle ride could be delayed by 24 hours.

Tuesday night’s POW quiz was an epic encounter with the lead changing hands many times until the young guns stole in to take the prize at the death.

Wednesday commenced with one the stranger phone calls of the past year (and I’ve had a few) asking me if I was willing to host a press conference in support of Arthur Guinness day, dressing and acting as the character himself. After weighing the pros and cons of this it boiled to a simple question… how much? Happy to report a fee was agreed so more of this madness in the weeks to come! Now Will & Kate are in town the celebrity couple will be enjoying all the experiences Singapore has to offer, one wonders if that includes the delights of “Trying to get a cab 10am-11am”, or that special agony “Calling Starhub customer care”.

The inaugural Harry’s Holland Village quiz commenced last night sending a nostalgic thrill through me. The quiz had a home for 3 years in Holland Village so it felt a little like the quiz coming home. Another ding dong battle commenced with yet again the youthful team stealing victory at the end. Victory won by the knowledge of Pringles!

Well enough ravings from me I think! Speak to you soon.



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