Well that was a record week! High scores, dramatic last round victories and drunken revelry made this week stand out.

Where to start, well Tuesdays POW quiz at Boat Quay produced the highest score ever recorded on a quiz night. With 69 points Les Quizerables achieved the almost impossible feat of only dropping 1 point through the entire quiz. It is difficult to summarise such an achievement as I am torn between breathtaking respect at such collection of wit, intelligence and knowledge and disbelief that any group of adults could be that geeky! It was in truth a very high scoring quiz with Oscars Trigger Finger and the Pissed Idiots posting great scores, which on any other day would have been worthy of victory.

Wednesday night’s quiz was a quieter affair with a solid victory for team Whiskeypedia. The remarkable feature of this victory was they refused to play their joker! I’m new to the Little India area and I’ve got to say it’s different to other parts of the little red dot isn’t it? I actually quite like it. There’s a vibrancy about the place which gives it a rather special atmosphere. Is it as pristine as other parts of the Island? Clearly not! If you are in a hurry should you take a short cut through the place? Never! And if I’m being honest don’t eat at the cheapest place you can find (like I did) coz it was like eating a cold curry flavoured sock. I will investigate more of the dining in Little India and report back! Never let it be said that I am not willing to risk my waistline in search of top-tips for the discerning quiz goer!

Talking of places with a special vibrancy, your humble Quizmaster is off to Phuket this week for some (not so) well earned R&R. A good friend is getting married and, as is traditional, his mates have taken this as an excuse to go to Thailand and play silly buggers. Assuming I survive I will update this website on my return.

For those interested the quiz league is below:

The current quiz league is as follows:

Position Team Name Points
1 Les Quizerables 6
2 Whiskeypedia 5
3 Foreign Aliens 3
4 Oscars Trigger finger 2
5 Pissed idiots 1
6 Cupid Stunts 1


Sawasdee Kap… Mine’s a Singer… See you soon!

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