Gong Xi Fa Cai… to all the quiz fans have a wonderful year of the snake!!

After much procrastination I have leapt back into the world of quiz blogging. I shall now attempt to regularly update this blog and stop being such a lazy bum!

Well the year of the snake, what shall it bring? It’s got to be better than the year of the Dragon, which for me anyway was a load of old dragon balls! It’s certainly started well; last week’s quizzes in POW Boat Quay & POW Little India were a bloody good laugh with attendances holding up well despite the overly long weekend which preceded them.

In a shock horror announcement the Singapore Quiz league is back on! After delays, setbacks and idleness the league has now started! The league start date is 12 Feb 13 and will run for to the end of the year with prizes to won for the top 3 teams on 1st Jan 2014. Its open to all teams, is free and no registration is required. The format will be the top 3 teams on every quiz will be awarded from 1-3 points (The wining team gets 3 point, 2nd 2 points etc..) in the event of teams being tied for 2nd place they will both get points equally.

So far:

  Position Team Name Points
  1 Les Quizerables 3
  2 Whiskeypedia 2
  3 Cupid Stunts 1

So I currently sit at home awaiting the arrival of Starhub who are booked to arrive between 11am-1pm to install some new internet gizmo, as a quiz fiend care guess what time they will actually turn up? I’m guessing around 4!! Well here’s to a long wait at home.

Until the next time….

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