Two great quizzes last week with kudos to the Cheapskates for snatching victory form the oh so consistent Les Quizerables. Three quizzes on this current week, with the inaugural Monday Night Molly Malone’s Quiz, starting at 7.30pm, followed by the ever popular Tuesday at Prince of Wales, Boat Quay and finishing on Thursday with Prince of Wales at Little India.

Now your humble Quizmaster spent the weekend in Patong Thailand celebrating an upcoming wedding. Now for those who don’t know, Patong has a varied and eclectic night life, er… with some venues being, shall we say ‘specialised’ in their appeal? For the love of God if somebody hears the word ping-pong take a smart 180 turn and disappear in the opposite direction. Unless of course you’re into to that kind of thing; in which case let me know and I can arrange a table in an isolation area at your next quiz. If you are looking for a chilled bar, with the added fun of being a perfect people watching platform, I suggest the U2 Bar on Soi Bangla. Ice cold beers, friendly staff and a relaxed vibe make it a great spot. For eating try the Bangkok Burger Bar, also on Soi Bangla, for gourmet burgers and great service. I often hear complaints about street vendors on Bangla, but that is what it’s all about; it’s a bit like going to Alps and complaining about the snow! If you want a simple phrase which approximately translates as ‘no thanks’, try ‘mai ow kap’. At the end of the day these people are just trying to make a living so my advice, kick back, crack open a coldie and enjoy! For those of you who know… well… ’nuff said!!

An additional observation from my recent travels is a note on Singaporean parents. Now I am putting my toe in to dangerous waters here I accept, but it would seem there is basically 2 camps. The "I can’t/won’t control my little monster (bastard) and he is at liberty to harass, annoy and generally abuse anybody in his vicinity, in fact this is his birth right and how dare anybody even suggest that he should behave in any way which recognises anybody else"… or there is the second camp, which appears to involve total control of the child’s behaviour when even a squeak of noise from the perfectly manicured waif invokes the wrath of a maternally challenged Tai Tai with accompany threats of beheading and having toes removed. Or am I alone in seeing this???

See below for the latest quiz table

Position Team Name Points
1 Les Quizerables 8
2 Whiskeypedia 5
3 Foreign Aliens 3
4 Cheapskates 3
5 Oscars Trigger Finger 2
6 Pissed Idiots 1
7 Cupid Stunts 1
8 5pods and a Backpacker 1

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