That was the week that was!

Three quizzes hosted over the 7 days, each with its own particular personality. Monday was the inaugural Molly Malone’s quiz, standing front and centre, mic in hand, making jokes and enjoying the craic!

Tuesday was the always popular Prince of Wales quiz on Boat Quay. As ever a hard fought affair with 3 points separating the top 3 teams. Congratz to “We can’t answer the questions, but we can drink” and “The Stacies” for coming 1st and 2nd respectively pushing a very strong and experienced team in the “Les Quizerables” into 3rd is no mean achievement.

Wednesday at Prince of Wales Little India was a more intimate occasion with the most ironically named team in history of quizzes romping to victory. Well done to team “The Losers”!

Now it’s been a quiet week for your humble quizmaster, the town of Patong was painted well and truly red last weekend, and that has lead to a certain, shall we say reticence to indulge in alcohol of any type this week. In fact I couldn’t even face a wine gum! It is also true that I miscalculated my time in the sun whilst recovering in a pool Saturday which has lead to face resembling an aged, over ripe tomato. Combine this with a dose of “Man-Flu” and I am quite frankly amazed there has not been a queue of attractive single ladies at my door coz that’s how good I’ve been looking this week!

Now to close these irreverent rumblings, I have again been observing life here in the little red dot. Now there are two fashion trends within the “youf” culture which have caught my eye, the first is young men wearing baseballs caps perched on the very tops of their heads. Now I admit they are clearly not wearing this for my benefit, which is bloody good coz I think it looks sodding ridiculous. If the effect is to add 4 inches of height, boys it aint working, if the desired look, is to look a bit of a nob ya’ll spot on!

On the plus side ladies have chosen to wear something the over 40’s will fondly remember being called “Daisy Dukes”. Super cute tight little denim hot pants. Now in noble sacrifice I have taken it upon myself to examine this fashion phenomenon quite closely. What can I say it’s been a tough week! But much, much observation and discussion with learned colleagues I have come to following conclusion. I approve, you may carry on!

Peace X

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